Making the right tyre choice need not be tiresome


Use our helpful guide to quickly and easily find the right tyres for your tractor.

When purchasing a tractor, it’s worth spending some time considering what tyres you’ll need. They have a massive impact on the usability of the tractor and its interaction with its working environment.

In general, when we buy a tractor, we’re normally offered one of three choices: Agricultural (R1), Turf (R3), and Industrial (R4). Each has their pros and cons and the following will hopefully help as a guide to selecting the right tyre for your application.

Agricultural Tyres (R1)

Sometimes referred to as ‘tractor pattern’, the agricultural tyre is the ideal choice for soil cultivating and general field work. The deep lug pattern provides the greatest level of mechanical grip out of all the tyre options and is ideal for work in muddy conditions.

Potential users must bear in mind that this tyre pattern is very aggressive and will mark the surface when you use it in a turf application. So, if the tractor is going to be used primarily for mowing fine turf, this is not the option for you – there are other options that will work better.

Turf Tyres (R3)

Turf tyres have a completely different tyre pattern that consists of smaller lugs but in significantly greater numbers. This tyre is much more sympathetic to turf and sandy soil applications, especially in dry conditions. Their greater surface area gives a much lower ground pressure, and allows them to travel over the surface, without fear of marking the turf.

It’s important to note that in wet muddy conditions, the tyre pattern will fill up quickly, resulting in loss of traction. But for use on hard surfaces like tarmac, they will provide a smooth ride while also being durable.

Industrial Tyres (R4)

These tyres are somewhat of a halfway house between the agricultural and turf tyre. Due to the hard construction, especially the side wall, they last well on hard surfaces and work well with a front loader. However, the ride is not quite as smooth as a turf tyre. The tyre pattern is one of a tractive lug with an area of overlap in the centre, offering good levels of traction.

Garden Pro tyres

A recent addition to the tractor market is the Galaxy Garden Pro tyres which are sometimes referred to as crossover tyres. Like the names suggests, these tyres are somewhat of a hybrid product – or a best of both worlds. They combine the traction levels of an agricultural tyre, with minimal ground disturbance, making it ideal for use on grass areas. Unlike the industrial tyre, the Garden Pro tyre has a rounded edge which aids greatly against soil and turf damage.

These tyres are a good option when working on multi surfaces or in specific areas like gardens and orchards.

At Reesink Agriculture, our tractors are available with a range of tyres to meet the needs of most customers. Whether your tractor is used on a small holding, farm, equestrian centre, contractor, large estate or sport venue, we can help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing tyres. For further information get in touch via the Contact Us page here.

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