18th April 2023

If ever an incentive were required to go green and make the electric choice, Reesink Agriculture has it. From 3 April 2023, customers can secure £1200 off their new all-electric compact Farmtrac tractor when they trade in their old diesel tractor.

From 3 April 2023, customers can secure £1200 off their new all-electric compact Farmtrac tractor when they trade in their old diesel tractor.

Enough time has passed, and enough customers have gone green with the industry’s first all-electric tractor from Farmtrac for us to now know the benefits of going green for this vital piece of equipment.

First and foremost, an electric tractor saves time on repair and maintenance. Electric tractor engines have far fewer moving parts than a diesel one. Fewer moving parts mean fewer things that can go wrong which, of course, translates to less time spent getting the tractor to work, and more time putting it to actual work.

Then there’s all the benefits that come with going green such as far fewer emissions, savings in fuel, cleaner air, less noise and contributing to the future of the planet, are all pretty good ones.

“We’re delighted to offer our customers such a competitive deal. They can simply trade in their old running diesel tractor for a new Farmtrac electric one and get twelve hundred pounds off the purchase price – it’s a win-win situation.”

Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager, Reesink

The efficiency of an electric engine rates highly too. A diesel engine is actually quite poor in converting thermal energy to mechanical energy; an electric motor, on the other hand, has been found to have almost double the efficiency rate of a diesel engine. Of course, charging the batteries needs to be factored in but when considering the Farmtrac electric tractor can run for up to six hours and charges to 100 percent overnight using a domestic three pin socket for eight hours, that’s incredibly efficient!

Perhaps the most crucial consideration when buying a tractor is the cost of running it. An electric tractor can make all the difference to running costs compared to its diesel counterpart. Because of its higher efficiency, it uses less energy and therefore costs less to run it. Some models boast a 30 to 50 percent reduction in energy costs.

As Steven Haynes, divisional business manager for Reesink Agriculture, comments: “As we can see here, buying an electric tractor anyway brings big benefits, let alone when there is a financial incentive to do so. Reesink has always been and will continue to be focused on bringing customers the best sustainable machinery options available and making it financially beneficial.”

The deal applies to Farmtrac’s FT25G and HST version from 3 April until 31 July 2023. Contact Reesink on 01480 226800 or contact a Farmtrac dealer via the website