9th March 2021

Success with Farmtrac sees Fentons of Bourne place third order

Glen Bellamy, managing director of Fentons of Bourne, left, with Farmtrac’s Craig Cooper.

Fentons of Bourne in Lincolnshire decided to add the Farmtrac brand to its tractor offering a little over a year ago. Despite a challenging year with COVID-19, the company has had such a successful first year with the brand it has recently placed a third machinery order.

It was at LAMMA 2020 that managing director Glen Bellamy at Lincolnshire based dealer Fentons of Bourne was introduced to Farmtrac. The brand made such an impact that he decided there and then to add the brand to his tractor product line-up.

It was, says Glen, an easy decision to make thanks to the value the brand offered with such a competitive price point coupled with the quality of build. He says: “I’ve been in the business of supplying quality machinery to gardens and estates for 34 years and I could tell straight away this would be a good fit for the business and provide a good option for our customers. The brand filled a gap in our portfolio. We needed a well-made tractor range with an attractive price and Farmtrac delivered on both of those requirements and more.

“Farmtrac provides the perfect option for our customers in the high-end homeowner, equestrian centre, nursery and private school markets. Because of COVID we had a pause on selling until the autumn, but since then the tractors are selling well and we have placed our third order for more! It’s been a great start and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Although they’re compact, they’re more than up for some of the tougher jobs too. That really appeals to our customers. They’re nimble, light, easy on turf and easy to use.

Glen Bellamy, managing director, Fentons of Bourne

Glen chose three of the compact tractors, the 22hp FT22, 26hp FT26 and 30hp FT30. While all have sold well it is the FT26 which leads the race at the moment. Glen says: “The thing with these three tractors is that although they’re compact, they’re more than up for some of the tougher jobs too. That really appeals to our customers. They’re nimble, light, easy on turf and easy to use.”

Distributor Reesink Agriculture and working with Steven Haynes, Reesink’s tractor sales manager, also played a big part in the decision for Glen taking on the Farmtrac brand, he says: “I’ve known Steven for 20 years and I trust his judgement, so when he told me about Farmtrac I knew it must be a really attractive proposition and my interest was caught immediately. It’s been great doing business with him and the team so far.”

Steven says he’s delighted Farmtrac is selling so well for Glen and Fentons of Bourne so far: “Fentons of Bourne is a well-established business with a good reputation with its customers. There’s a great team there and a solid range of products that puts Farmtrac in good company. We were delighted to welcome them on board and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them.”

Glen concludes: “The fact that we’ve seen such a solid start with Farmtrac in a tough year is, I think, testament to what we can look forward to with the brand in the future.”

To talk to someone about Farmtrac tractors or becoming a Farmtrac dealer, call 01480 226800 or email.