Soil preparation made easy


Every good farmer knows that in order to produce fruitful crops, you must adhere to a rigorous and demanding process of ploughing, tilling and levelling. Soil cultivation rejuvenates the previously dormant soil and provides a fertile environment for new seeds to grow and flourish.

One of the most useful tools for this previously very labour-intensive task is the tractor mounted rotary tiller or rotavator as they are sometime referred to.

Rotary tillers allow customers to quickly cultivate the soil by breaking down clumps of soil or the remains of previous plantings to produce a fine, debris-free, healthy soil bed, perfect for future planting.

In addition to this, it can also be used by gardeners to mix organic matter into the soil to improve the nutrient level.

Before deciding what type of tiller to buy, it’s worth bearing in mind the conditions you have to work with. Although a tiller can be used in sandy soils with very little problem, picking the right machine for clay soil requires more consideration, as when you get to work on clay soils, they are very different at the extreme ends of their working window.

When dry, the soil can form solid clods. It takes more time or a heavier machine to break these down and you may be restricted on how deep you can till. In the wet, clay is very hard to work. Tilling in these conditions can have a detrimental effect on the finish that you produce and can cause soil compaction.


Rotary tillers come in many sizes, starting from a 1m machine – perfect for those with narrow access points or small food plots and borders – and grow to much larger machines designed to cover vast areas quickly and efficiently.


At Reesink Agriculture, we offer machines to meet the needs of most customers. For customers looking at clean-energy solutions, our all-electric FT25G is a great option. This is a very simple machine with a single-speed gearbox, adjustable skid plates to vary your digging depth, and PTO slip clutches, which allow the operator to quickly reset the driveline after hitting something solid without the need to replace shear bolts found on other models.

We also offer various models from 1.45m to 1.85m. These heavier machines feature a four-speed gearbox, which allows you to adjust the rotation speed of the machine and really fine-tune the finish you leave. This model also features adjustable skid plates and a side-mounted gear drive line.

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Farmtrac FT22

For the most compact of tractors, the FT22 from Farmtrac may be small in appearance but is packed with performance possibilities giving it heaps of value and versatility.


Farmtrac FT25G

Farmtrac’s all new, all-electric FT25G compact tractor easily manages the smaller yet tiresome yard or paddock tasks with great ease and efficiency, delivering seriously useful eco-friendly maintenance.